Moonroad Productions is freelance filmmaker Laura Casteel, along with other talented media professionals who lend their time and skills to her projects. Laura is also video producer for the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural resources, and a former Associate Producer for NC Weekend and the Emmy Award-winning Our State–two of the highest-rated programs on UNC-TV, North Carolina’s statewide public television station. This site features Laura’s independent media work, as well as some of her projects for NCDNCR and UNC-TV.

The idea for “moonroad” came from the Swedish word “mångata,” referring to the road-like gleam of moonlight on water. We strive to make films that are just as enchanting.


  1. Sam Pearsall says:

    Hi Laura, I need a videographer for the Bynum Front Porch Storytelling on November 12th. You come highly recommended by Misty Buchanan & her husband Drew. The event starts 7 PM and ends 9 PM. Set-up should be done ahead of time. The event is at the Bynum General Store, in Bynum, about 5 miles north of Pittsboro. Can you do it, and how much would it cost? You can find more about me at SamStories.org and more about the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1114077438682056/

    Cheers, Sam Pearsall


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