A Final Plea for Lushington’s Lounge

Re-posted from Facebook:

Less than 36 hours left to donate, and we’re only $235 short of our goal. Now is the time, folks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clockworkcabaret/lushingtons-lounge-a-steampunk-after-dark-producti

Also, if any of you are wondering, “who are these people and why should we help them?,” good question. Here’s why!

For starters, I’m the filmmaker they’re talking about paying in the video, so you’d be helping me. Also, Lady Attercop and Emmett Davenport aren’t just a couple of pretty ladies who like puppets and booze–they’re talented artists. See that cool picture that appears below when I post the link? Lady Attercop drew that. Also, the The Clockwork Cabaret podcast (which they host) has been running for 6 years and has earned local and national acclaim. They’ve also been attending professionals at Dragon Con.

So, if you donate to this project, you will not only help us create a fun and educational series, but you will be supporting local artists in the Pittsboro/Chapel Hill area. And even if you can’t stand the idea of Lushington’s Lounge, or steampunk in general just grinds your gears (heh, get it?), guess what? You could still donate just to watch our hosts torture themselves by drinking horrible-tasting cocktails and making arses of themselves on the Internet! It’s a win-win situation! So please, if you haven’t already (and if you have, thanks so much!), take a moment to dig out your credit card, bug your rich uncle, etc. and make a contribution. Again, thanks so much for your help!



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