Progress Report

Fall is shaping up to be an exciting time for Moonroad. For starters, thanks to all the wonderful folks who donated, we made the Kickstarter goal for Lushington’s Lounge! Emmett and Lady A. have already contact our puppet designer, so production on the series will begin shortly. In the meantime, like it on Facebook! You can also like Moonroad Productions by clicking the button on the left side of the page. In other news, the video of Christiana Barnett-Murphy Dances performing at Centerfest is now live on Vimeo. Check out the new Testimonials page of this website to see what Christiana had to say about it. I appreciated her kind words as much as the chance to film the event, and all the dancers did a fantastic job. The combined spontaneity and technique of their performance was really something special to watch. Networks and Losing Soul also deserve special thanks for letting me use their awesome music in this production.

Speaking of great music, production on the Zoltar’s Fortune documentary continues to go swimmingly. I need to do more projects where I get to drink beer, play with dogs, and scarf down piles of barbecue on shoots. But seriously, the band has been great to work with, as well as Laura Guinessey, the fire dancer who performs with them (all the cool people are named Laura, right?). The Romani music they play has a darkly romantic quality that really appeals to me and lends itself to film. It sounds like it would fit well in the old Universal horror films of the 1930s, set in remote European villages and populated with eccentric characters. I actually briefly considered shooting this film in black and white, but decided it would look too artificial.

I think one of the most interesting things about seeing this project come together relates to the fact that, typically, it seems like the visual aspect of a film is treated like the star, as if it’s more important than the aural aspect. I’ve seen too many films and Internet videos that treated sound as an afterthought. In this case though, it’s so evident that the sound is equally important, arguably even the center of the film, and that my visual direction needs to live up to it.

If you want to experience a Zoltar’s Fortune show yourself, come to the Weaver Street lawn at the Carrboro Music Festival this Sunday at 6:15. You might even see me there!



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