That’s a Wrap!

Hey folks,

Production officially ended on the Zoltar’s Fortune documentary last weekend, and it’s now being judged on the Music World Cup page at You can watch it here:

I owe a huge thank you to all the performers, both for their participation and their positive feedback after the film’s completion. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, despite nightmarish sound issues I had to deal with. Speaking of, here’s a tip: if you’ve got hissing under your sound (a common problem when recording with DSLRs), use the noise print/noise removal process in Adobe Audition, then use a low-pass filter in Premiere to take out any remaining noise. DO NOT use the De-Noiser filter in Premiere–there’s a bug in it that makes the effect disappear when you export the project. Anyway, it would be great if this project helps pay for more equipment or future films (fingers crossed), but even if it doesn’t win a prize, I’m glad it happened, and I’m grateful to all who helped make it so.

In addition to Zoltar’s Fortune, you can also expect to see a thank-you video for all the wonderful people who donated to the Lushington’s Lounge Kickstarter very soon. We’re currently working on getting the puppets made, and we expect production to begin within the next couple of months. Don’t touch that dial!



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