Lushington’s Lounge is Live!

Thanks to funding from our Kickstarter backers, the puppet-making genius of Ben Rumback, and the generosity of Fair Game Beverage Company (who let us film in their tasting room), the first new episode of Lushington’s Lounge is now on Youtube! Watch it here:

Also, the link on the Film/Web page of this site will take you to the Lushington’s Lounge Youtube channel so you can subscribe. We plan to produce one episode per month, so watch for the next one in June! If you live in the Pittsboro area of North Carolina and want to try the rum tea recipe featured in this episode, look for Fair Game’s No’lasses sorghum rum in an ABC store near you! Or just be lame and use regular rum; it’s up to you.

Lastly, click here to check out the latest segment I edited for NC Weekend on Eschelon Experiences, a group of six luxurious restaurants in Raleigh and Durham. I also shot some the footage (the video of Faire, Zinda, and Basan restaurants is mine). Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


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