Fall Premieres

Tonight’s the night! If you’re in North Carolina, tune in to UNC-TV at 8pm for the eighth season premiere of Our State, featuring the documentary with illustrator Rich Powell that I mentioned in a previous post. This episode also features two other great films; here’s a more detailed description from the website:

“Asheboro illustrator Rich Powell, known for his work in Mad Magazine and his comic strips, Wide Open and Dixie Drive, draws new life out of Andy Griffith’s classic monologue about a country deacon’s first football game. Then, Serah Haley and Erinn Diaz bring their passions for singing and dance–and honoring our nation’s veterans–to Letters from Home, a living tribute to the music and patriotic spirit of the 1940s. Lastly, J. Larry Keith and the Lonesome Road Band perform The Story of Virginia Johnson, Keith’s original song inspired by his wife’s North Carolina mountain childhood.”

Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Later this evening, at 9pm, you can watch North Carolina Weekend and check out the short segment I directed/edited on the inaugural Tryon International Film Festival, which takes place October 9-10 in Tryon, NC (the photo in this post, taken by UNC-TV videographer Robert Gunter, features the historic Tryon Theater). You can also catch the segment on Friday, October 2nd at 8:30pm. The festival will be screening some top-notch, nationally acclaimed films from the U.S. and around the world, and the dedication of the volunteers who made it happen is incredibly admirable. Aside from the festival, a visit to Tryon is worth it in and of itself. The town not only has beautiful scenery from the Blue Ridge foothills, but some great businesses/art galleries and a fascinating history. It was singer Nina Simone’s birthplace, and frequent visitors once included F. Scott Fitzgerald, David Niven, and Errol Flynn. If you talk to the welcoming people of Tryon, you’ll hear even more stories of notable residents, visitors, and events.

If you miss the air dates of either program, they’ll both be available online by tomorrow (Friday) morning. Our State will be posted on the UNC-TV video site, as will the full episode of NC Weekend. My feature on the film festival will be posted individually on NC Weekend’s Youtube channel (be sure to subscribe!). Thanks for watching!



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