“Working with Laura on [Our State: Becoming Clyde] was so pleasurable. She was easy, clear, up front, on time, and professional in every way. She generated trust. I had no idea how the project would turn out and was very pleased with the final product—especially with the music background, the lack of sentimentality, the small connections, nuances, etc.”–Clyde Edgerton: Author & NC Literary Hall of Fame Member

“Our wonderful video was done by Moonroad Productions and Laura is great! We couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.”–Mary DeMare: Farmer, Fatty Owl Farm

“I have to say a huge huge THANK YOU to Laura Casteel of Moonroad Productions for creating this video. Really thankful she was there to capture so many of our beautifully spontaneous moments…”–Christiana Barnett-Murphy: Dancer/Choreographer, CBM Dances/The Moving Humans

“[Zoltar’s Fortune] is awesome! Laura did such a good job!”–Laura Guinessey: Fire Performer

“[Our State: One Moment, One Meeting] captures the concept of ‘chano-yu’ so well. Such a wonderful work!”–Yuko Hamajima: UNC-TV Viewer


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